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Bigg Boss - Season 6

Ankit Tuteja live blogs Bigg Boss Season 6. All the juice from the spiciest reality show on TV.

  • On Day 31, an agitated Sapna explained her disgust with Sidhu and called him a coward for staying inside the room constantly. After sometime when Vrajesh's gang was outside the house, Niketan, Rajev and Urvashi sneaked Sidhu into the captain room's washroom. Sana was present in the room but she was left helpless as Urvashi and Rajev jumped on her bed and controlled her movement and speech by covering her face with a blanket.
  • Sapna continued her ridicules at Sidhu and his team for being so scared to step out of the room. In sometime, Niketan came into Vrajesh's room and started applying 'gulaal' on Delnaaz and Sana. Sapna entered into the room and literally showered Niketan with 'gulaal' and water. Niketan did not find this funny and left the room as Sapna used a few harsh words as well. As far as I could make out, she used the same words she once used for Bigg Boss. (M**K*C***)
  • Then, Niketan, Rajev and Urvashi started mocking the way Sidhu talks to all the girls in the house and how almost everyone is his favorite. Bigg Boss then ordered Sidhu to plant a pot in the garden area and pour some water in it. Bigg Boss announced that the luxury budget task would come to an end once a buzzer rings in the house.
  • Both the teams got ready for the final battle. Sidhu came out and a war between the teams began. Eventually Sidhu poured water in the pot and ran inside to take off the mask he was wearing to protect his face from 'Gulaal'. Sapna was furious with Sidhu for being a coward by hiding his face with plastic and a jacket. Sidhu tried to explain himself but an adamant Sapna continued to insult him and his team for man handling her women during the task. While talking to Sidhu, Sapna slyly applied 'gulaal' on Sidhu's face. Meanwhile Urvashi and Sapna got into an argument. The fight erupted and got all the housemates upset. Sapna then called Urvashi Moti Bhains (Fat Buffalo).
  • The house got divided initially into two teams (Urvashi vs Sapna). After a lot of discussion, the housemates calmed down to an extent. Towards the end of the night, Urvashi went to Sidhu's bed and assured him that she will always be on his side.
  • The contestants so far:
    Aashka: Conniving- great swindler with the power of tears
    Urvashi: Too Loud when hyper, smart player
    Delnaaz: trying to play cool but has shown her true colors in a glance!
    Rajiv: Pathetic fool over lost wife
    Vrajesh: Not so funny but irritatable comedian
    Niketan: a "real" player! Don't hate the playa hate the game ! :)
    Mink: overreacting and trying to gain sympathy thru tears
    Sapna: has to get out of the house, on the basis of "woman power" trying to gain public sympathy but truly one of the worse double minded, trying to act innocent lady
    Sampy: snake in the monkeys shadow
    Siddhu: master mind trying to control his patience which is at the verge of being lost
    Sana: dumb blonde, pretty but overreacts on whatever Niketan says
    Bottom line,Last men standing - Siddu & Niketan
  • i hate bb6 24 live stream......they dont deliver sound and they actually cunningly swith the camera from the activity area to an uninteresting 24 live stream chalu kiu kia yaar......pereshan ho gya
  • On Friday, Sampat Pal, leader of the ‘Gulabi gang, was evicted from the Bigg Boss house after a memorable stint of five weeks.
  • On Friday, Jumme ki raat with Salman ke saath, Salman made fun of Aashka as how she gets into tears over petty issues. All Salman wanted was to make Aashka understand that she does not need to be extra-sensitive; she needs to learn that how to handle people.
  • Wow, wats going on in this house?! From wat I saw, Sana has a prob with NIketan. Sapna is mental yaar! This woman has an issue with a different person everyday. That's y she had 3 failed marriages! Im sad for her but this is the truth. As for Urvashi, she is like that bcoz she went through difficult times in her life BUT it doesnt mean that she should shout like that. Bigg Boss, I think u should not provoke these people. Enough of it now. Wat can u do to bring love among them? IT's not pleasant to watch/hear people bitching, yelling and being aggressive like this on TV. Think about it, Bigg Boss. Thank You.
  • On Day 34, Arbaaz Khan will make a special appearance on Bigg Boss 6 with his brother Salman to unveil the first trailer of Dabaang 2. Since its Arbaaz's first direction, Salman will be seen pulling his leg and asking him controversial questions. Hard Kaur will also make an appearance to promote her second album.
  • Navjot Singh Sidhu has left the Bigg boss house to campaign for the Gujarat polls. "After reviewing the request put forth by Mrs Navjot Kaur Sidhu, wife of Bigg Boss contestant, Navjot Singh Sidhu, COLORS and Endemol have taken a joint decision to relieve Navjot Singh Sidhu from the Bigg Boss house , to resume his roles and responsibilities with his party," said an official spokesperson from Colors
  • Now, TV actor Vishal Karwal is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house as the second wild card contestant. Vishal Karwal rose to fame after participating in adventure-based reality show 'Roadies'. He also won the second season of the dating reality show 'Splitsvilla'. Vishal has also acted in a few TV shows like 'Bhagyavidhata' and 'Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna'.
  • First Look Dabaang 2 trailer breaking tonight on #Biggboss 9 PM @BeingSalmanKhan #Bollywood #Colors #Blockbuster #Entertainment
  • A kashmiri guy or a girl, a guy or girl from north east will make it much better and wider audience
  • Sapna showed great guts in standing against sidhu's team which covered their face, sent Rajiv to hug women against their wish and drive them away. She should have been leader of their team instead of chicken vrijesh..What's wrong with sapna sun bathing? She has lived in foreign countries and hence is like that..sapna has mellowed down and has become admirable, courageous woman at the moment..hope she keeps up and kicks out characters like mink, urvashi, niketan, vrajesh out of the house
  • Salman gave a good doze to Sapna who tried to gain attention with her bright blue hair and black band covering her mouth. It was clearly visible Salman ignored her thru the who interaction with the other house mates. Specially when he asks Sampat Pals hair style, when it wasnt a new look as she had it for some time now. Sapna, has been bold and outspoken but also looks pathetic when she tries to be just and truthful. Heights was when Vishal came into the house, she decides to sun bath and take a plunge on the pool -- could it be a seductive trick to get Vishals attention or maybe its just her hormones acting up..... Aashka is another fake contestants, keeps pointing fingers at other house mates by calling them "doghla-pann"/two faced when she her self showed her two face with Sapna ...quote " Woman Power My Foot" and then with Sapna,"We are one, Woman Power Yay!!!! " - Sapna and Aashka are truly King....I mean Queen Cobras! :)
  • Contestants who have been nominated for the next week's eviction are - Niketan, Vrajesh, Sapna and Aashka.
  • After Vishal Karwal entered the house, the housemate who got super excited was Sana. It is evident that they are good friends and know each other for quite sometime.
  • Though Sana and Vishal are just friends, but it looks like Bigg Boss is putting all possible efforts to see a couple inside the house. No, I am not talking about Sana and Vishal, I am talking about Delnaz and Rajeev. ;) I know, my readers are quite smart. Not only Bigg Boss asked Sana and Vishal to come into the confession room together, also Bigg Boss instructed Sana to choreograph Vishal's performance. Bigg Boss is a player!
  • But this too much importance being given to Vishal is not being liked by other boys inside the house. Vishal joined the girls for dinner in the decked out table. Later, Bigg Boss announced a special task involving Vishal and Sana. Also, Bigg Boss asked Sana to spend as much time possible with Vishal... but to teach the rules of the house. Are you people getting what Bigg Boss intends?
  • #BB6: Vishal Karwal! Here's all that you girls wanted to know about him -> | #BiggBoss #Colorstv
  • If Niketan is evicted, i stop watching the show!
  • same here, after Sidhu, Niketan is the only sensible person inside mental house.
  • Sapna is bold but didnt actually win by putting Gulal on Siddhu, it was becoz of her outburst and physco-yelling that Siddhu ultimately gave up and allowed her to put the Gulal, so that doesnt make her courageous...bold yes, but not courageous....there is nothing wrong with Sapna sunbathing but after so many days going by they happened to show her sun bath, was it a coincidence that only after Vishal came in she decided to Sun bathe? Definitely she is not worthy to win or stay in the house for using "woman power" as a tag and showing exactly opposite principles of Woman Power. Mink has been acting like a visitor and should be booted off. After Siddu going out and the current situation in the house...Urvashi and Niketan have strong chances to win, besides Delnaaz. Aashka,Sana, Vishal,Vrajesh, Rajeev will eventually be voted out, unless a new twist arises in the form on a new contestant.
  • I was expecting Urvashi to play a smart game, but now she looks a little distracted. Urvashi being the captain was sitting and observing the other team painting diyas, while she slyly slipped two in her pocket and gave them over to Vishal, who is also her team member. Earlier, Vrajesh, along with Sana and Vishal, stole a tray full of diyas to win the task. It looks like they have forgotten that people are watching them, and they are not appreciating such cheap acts.
  • But there is an old saying: Jaisi karni waisi bharni But as expected, Urvashi's team wins the luxury budget task; Sana and Vishal are given a specific amount of time to go and pick up goods not exceeding a specific amount. The two end up picking up more and hence Bigg Boss cancels their luxury budget. Here the proverb fits. Knowing that they will be deprived of luxury good this week, Vrajesh, Niketan and Mink taunt Sana. Unable to bear the taunts, Sana goes to the girl’s room and breaks down. Thus, it's good to play a game, but honestly!
  • In today's episode, Rajev will be seen talking to Niketan and Aashka at different times about how he still wants Delnaz back. He says that it was just a few months back that Delnaz called him up to say that there is life ahead after a divorce but now she just does not bother. Both Niketan and Aashka ask him to move on just the way Delnaz has.
  • Hi all. Lately Im feeling irritated just watching BIgg Boss esp when I see each and everyone bitching about each other. Since the departure of Sidhu, the prog has lost a little bit of its flavour. Niketan is a very mature guy. I feel sad that he is on his own yet he handles things so coolly. As for Vrajesh, he is a player in the true sense. All means are good for him to make the others lose. Im having trouble understanding this guy, Rajev! Delnaz is such a wonderful girl, she has really moved on but that guy has not accepted that the woman has moved on. A woman ca sacrifice everytg for a man, she managed to live 14 years with him and 3 months ago they divorced. THere should be some strong reason behind a big decision in the life of a woman. As for Sapna, guys, its time she leaves that house coz she is sick, she is vulgar, she is mental!!!IT will definitely make a diffrere

  • Please vote Sapna out this week as she does not fit into the house any more. She is full of hatred and it's not good to watch her bitching about everytg. Thanks.
  • Aashka Goradia has been evicted from the house.
  • Karishma Kotak is all set to re-enter the Bigg Boss house tomorrow. Karishma said that it was her father's wish that she be a part of this reality show as it will be a great boost for her career.
  • Niketan is so so so shrewd, he should be out of the house. I don't like Urvashi and Niketan at all
  • As if sapna is the only person bitching. Why can't people see everyone there is bitching against someone? Sapna may dress silly and act clowny times, but is an honest person who has the courage to speak up be it anybody. And that is far better than cunning, manupilative game played by urvashi, niketan, mink and vrajesh.
  • I don,t like urvashi ,niketan,mink
  • @Bigg BoI agree with you that everyone is bitching about BUT Sapna, whom u say is honest, has been very vulgar, offended so many in the house. A person like Sidhuji, who gave her all the respect in the house, in front of everyone, how she returned that respect! Dont u have eyes? Everyday she has a prob with someone. Do u call this honesty? Jumping on every issue is not honesty. IN her case, it's rebellion!
  • Yana Gupta and Hazel Keech are likely to enter the Bigg Boss house. Hazel Keech was seen in Bodyguard as Kareena's friend (Maaya). Reportedly, Colors channel is still trying to close the deal with them. Let's see whether they come or not.
  • Today, I believe that this season is really Alag Che. This time, Bigg Boss house has a padosi (neighbour) house. But contestants inside the padosi's house however will live in a completely contrasting set up that of an earthen, rustic and raw mud house which is different from the existing sprawling mansion you see on television.
  • This second house (padosi ghar) is not even one fourth the size of the current 10,000 square feet house. Call it an eco friendly nest or a village house, it’s sure to test patience of the contestants that go beyond food and stay!Unlike the other house, the flooring and walls are made out of mud, includes only one single bedroom with 6 beds that will not have mattresses. You will see couches replaced by chatayis for comfort on the floor and antique copper trunk for storages.
  • While the modern Bigg Boss house has amenities like air conditioning, the contestants in the rustic house will have to live on without it!The kitchen includes a small gas stove that makes it mandatory for the contestants to sit down and cook with aluminium and copper utensils used back in the day.
  • This kitchen will not have a microwave oven, food processor or even a sink to wash the dishes. For water storage, there is a matka and kulhads available for drinking tea etc. And for cleaning utensils, clothes etc. there is a six feet deep well that has been created making it tough for the housemates.
  • For lighting purposes, the entire house will be lit up with lanterns and to communicate with Salman there is a puraane zamaane ka television set! This rustic house has been designed by Leena Chanda, wife of late Sameer Chanda – Art director of movies like Ram Lakhan and Raavan.
  • Three contestants have already entered the padosi house. And the interesting element here is two of them are those evicted from the Bigg Boss house. So, currently, three people inside the padosi house are Imam Siddique, Dinesh Lal Yadav, and Aasha Goradia. The new inmates will be under the scanner of Bigg Boss through 15 cameras .
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